Monday, August 17, 2009

The Other Side of the Coin

Of course on the same day I killed three tourists and dumped them in the harbour for taking pictures of the artwork.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

busy busy busy

It's high season here and I have about as much time as a mosquito at a flyswatter convention. This is not a complaint as I know in February I will regret every dollar I did not make if I slow down for even a minute. I just took my boots off and put my feet up for the first time in weeks and am pouring a large gin to toast the gods of retail. This has been our busiest year yet despite early recession worries. I don't get it as our neighbours are reporting slower sales and many parts of the province are in a desperate state. A customer told me it was because we are a very human store. Yesterday a little girl came up to the cash with a few small items she was buying for her friends back home. One item was a bit more than the others as it was for her best friend and it was perfect. She was short about ten bucks and crestfallen. As she went to put the item for her best friend back I stopped her and gave it to her. She lit up. Her Mom was in shock and began to protest but I told her that her daughter was such a thoughtful little girl and so well behaved it would be an honor to provide the perfect gift for her best friend. I did it spontaneously and I often do small things like this especially for kids. The family came back later and dropped a couple of hundred bucks in the store and I could hear them them saying good things as they walked out the door. I didn't give away the item thinking it would make me money but it did. You get what you give, like people and care about them and it all comes back to you. That's whey we are up.