Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long time no blog but you can't just leave these digits in cyberspace without some kind of continuation or closure, besides today I have something to say: money makes people stupid.

After 18 years at 318 Water we are being forced out of our location by greed. I understand business after all these years on the front lines of retail but I also know that if you make a decision with money as the only criteria you will make bad choices. Our new economy had boomed and the bubble has made everyone want to cash in. Multi nationals with very deep pockets are now competing for Mom and Pop locations in the new trendy parts of town.

We will reinvent somewhere, our fierce entrepreneurial spirit will not be squashed but neither will be our humanity, our sense of fairness and our continual support of our community and charitable organizations. We have been a fixture here for a long time and have a lifestyle I am not ready to give up; however I must admit to being discouraged. We now have subdivisions in which there are no clotheslines allowed. Why, because money makes people stupid. We now have more crime. Why, because money makes people stupid. This is just another small loss in the war against a homogenized, multinational, faceless corporate world that cares only about the bottom line and not about the world we live in.

We will find a new location and undaunted will provide the same friendly service and care we always have. Remember to shop locally. Cheers.

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