Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sum Sum Summertime

Although the rain is pelting down today summertime is here. I can tell by all the strange faces in the store and by the size of my wallet. Apologies to my peers who are out there suffering a recession but here we have the good fortune to be sitting on millions of barrels of oil and are the "it" location these days as a unique and not too expensive destination in North America. Living in one of the poorest places north of the 49th that has suddenly become a wealthy one makes for an interesting transition. We have fresh produce in our supermarkets; the only things that will grow on our boggy soil are turnips, cabbage and carrots. Of course when you get to the cash with your eggplant, avocado and leeks no one has any idea what they are. By far the best benefit is good coffee. There was a day when in the center of your table at the restaurant was three jars: one with instant coffee, one with sweetener and another with coffee whitener and the server would simply pour you a cup of hot water. Now I can spend 5 bucks on a coffee in pretentious surroundings and 4 bucks on a muffin just like everybody else. Luckily we have maintained our authenticity (nothing has changed around the bay) and travellers can get a good look at places that are still stuck in time, full of friendly hard working people who unfortunately still drink instant coffee. Every year we are off the Kraft Dinner and homemade wine earlier so as my summer heats up I salute you all and wish for a great season.


  1. It is just the opposite here in mid-America. Summers are so slow. Everyone goes to the lake and I am not at the lake!!! Still am blessed with my regulars!!

  2. Your love of your part of our country is so evident. I wish I had time for a visit there but have left it too long.Am so glad things are going so well for you and that you are happy.Surrybird

  3. Where's the "like" button! I guess I FaceBook too much.

    I enjoy your posts as always Doug!


  4. Thanks for reading and commenting. It's nice to do a little therapy and know at least a few people are out here.

  5. Of course the "business" that I am in is opposite of yours and I will be looking at the bulk sales of macaroni and cheese in Costco in a few weeks. It's good that I like macaroni and cheese.
    I am at this moment raising a dram (that Otto would appreciate) to summer time, to your great and continued success, to your wonderful nature as a human being and to the Republic. Not necessarily in this order.

    Birdman Too

  6. We'll rant and we'll roar like true Newfoundlanders
    We'll rant and we'll roar on deck
    and below
    Until we hit bottom between
    the two sunkers
    It's out through the channel to
    Toslow we go...

    The Rebublic of Newfoundland

  7. Oh. The rebublic. Of course.