Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Did That Come From

You may have asked yourself what the previous cartoon was doing in a retail blog.

I bumped into an acquaintance the other day and I wondered why he wasn't at work. Sick day he replied. He wasn't sick. He was on the golf course. Apparently he is allowed 23 sick days a year and if he doesn't use them he loses them. I always thought a sick day meant you were sick but according to his shop steward they are just days off, he gets them whether he was sick or not. Well there goes the gross national product. I believe all people deserve a fair wage, good benefits and safe working conditions. As a matter of fact I pay people more than the minimum required but as a fiercely self employed entrepreneur it makes me angry when a hard fought union demand for fair treatment of sick people becomes another excuse for laziness. The founders of the workers rights movement would fire every one of these idiots who think they are owed something for nothing. I don't think Woodie Guthrie would have written a song for them.

I think every generation makes the same observation about the generation that follows but this time we are right.


  1. Hey man, phone in sick. It's a beautiful day!

  2. Here's a website to help all of those people who have those moments of phone-in-sick-guilt; or you need some ideas to make it happen. Maybe there could be a national sick day. After all, our statutory holidays are related to religious farce, long dead queens,and boxing? Maybe we could call it "Tomorrow."

  3. I don't need to phone in sick, remember I was on the golf course too. If I was a wage slave I'd phone in well. Hey! I'm well now, no more drudgery for me.