Monday, April 6, 2009

I refuse to sell it

I can wax on cynically about our industry and our prospects in hell for creating more landfill but I believe in my gift store. I believe a small, hopefully locally made gift that shows you know a person, that you have heard them and care about them, actually makes the world a better place. Everyone wants to be considered and thought of. So when a man walked in to the store, literally grabbed the first thing off the rack, plunked it on the counter and said that will do I guess I got angry; we are all a little on edge this time of year. I asked him who the gift was for and he had a right to say none of my business and I had the right to say I'm sorry sir but we do not serve people with attitude problems who do not fully appreciate the meaning of a well chosen gift. The look on his face was well worth the five bucks I was now not going to make on the stuffed puffin. Listen he said, I want this, and he actually thought it was my legal and moral duty to sell it to him. I stood fast, no longer angry, actually enjoying myself. It was fun. He panicked and his hurt pride meant he was not leaving the store without the Puffin. I told him I could sell it to him if compensated for his attitude by making a donation to our SPCA jar, a donation made of paper not coins. He ranted about how he would never shop in my store again as he stuffed a fiver in the SPCA jar, paid for the puffin and stormed out. I think I'm going to have a "refuse to sell it to you day" every now and then. It's great for business. Sure made my day.

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  1. (snicker) If you ever do have a "refuse to sell it to you day", I suggest having a candid camera standing by to catch the reactions.