Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who is the bellwether

Sometimes the buying public, and it is glorious, decides one particular item is a must have. These fads, like Webkins, Tickle me Elmo and cheap Australian wine (oh to have a liquor license) can bring an unexpected sales spike if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Recently a toy we have sold at Keystone for many years has been flying out the door. Why now? I decided to survey the kids as they dragged their tired, confused wallets (translate parents) into the store to buy the new fad. Their answer was that everyone had one so they must have one too. I'm paraphrasing, they would not think it is that simple as even a child doesn't think they are just a sheep following the crowd. But who started the parade? Who is at the front leading? Who is the bellwether? Obviously it is the coolest kid in town. After more directed questioning of the kids I got a name and a description and at last he came into the store. I gave him a different toy, convinced him it was the coolest toy in history because I can fake being cool myself and sent him out the door happy.

Notice I never told you what the toy is. Not under threat of torture baby. I always want more than my fair market share.


  1. Awww come on... tell us what it is! :-) I need to go find the coolest kid in town now..

  2. My lips are sealed. You could be my sneaky neighbour who always steals my ideas

  3. Oh man!!!! I HATE those sneaky neighbors that steal my ideas!!!! You've touched a sore spot with me. I think you need to make a post about sneaky, stealing neighbors. I wouldn't want to miss that post! :-)

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