Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Know your Town

As tourism is a great deal of my business it is important that I know a few things about my town. I am always asked which restaurants are best etc so I go out and spend locally from time to time so my recommendations will be fresh and authentic. Last night was such a night and I learned two things: The Yellow Belly Brewery is a great restaurant and many of our lesbians look shockingly like our Premier, Danny Williams. I know it is probably just a similar haircut and glasses but also there is the implied tenacity in their stance: our Danny is a Pitt Bull too.

The Yellow Belly made up for being dragged to see KD Lang at, as she called it: a hockey rink - albeit a really nice one. I amused myself people watching and that's when I saw all the Dannys out there. KD herself has the haircut but she is so comfortable with herself she has no anger. I like her, just not her music. My only complaint is people kept clapping and waking me up. Still, a night out is a night out and I did get a couple of pints of the house brew and a steak and cheese wood fired pizza that was the perfect blend of pretension, comfort food, culinary ingenuity, presentation and price. Everyone at the table was satisfied.

A night out is also a night of shameless self promotion as I plugged the store with about 5 thousand people. It is great to know your town but it's really great if they know you. Next week Monster trucks with the grandson, no point schmoozing those people, there are all unemployed. Perhaps it all can be redeemed buy a bucket of beer and a few hot dogs.


  1. I concur in your perceptive take on the sapphic segment of the population. A women's university rugby tournament was next door to the Pelee Island winery we were visiting on a bike camping excursion. Angry drunks, they were, and stole our bottle of wine off the table when the wife and I both rushed out to rescue the offspring from the wine barrel the wee dears had locked themselves in. Rachel Maddow may have been there, not sure. This was years before your premier was elected, though, and it does raise the question of who is aping whom.

  2. Who knows how I'd play those cards if they were delt to me but I at least would avoid being a cliche if I could.