Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jesus and the bunny

The secularization of religious holidays has brought us two of our favorite cultural icons: Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. At least Santa somehow relates to the religious origins of the holiday; he embodies the spirit of giving. How does a rodent doling out chocolate relate to the Resurrection? I always thought the Easter Bunny was a second class holiday icon. I imagine Santa on a beach in Cancun refusing the Bunny's calls. Actually the Easter bunny no longer comes to this jurisdiction as last year we skinned and ate his family, this being the home, at least in spirit, of Elmer Fudd.

Two things disturb me about Easter: It's not really a gift giving holiday and I have to be closed two days on the weekend. I hate being closed. Last year I proposed a Resurrection sale. You would have three days to bring sale items back for a refund. Of course making fun of other people's beliefs, although amusing, is not great for business. Luckily my religious friends and family are used to me and allow me to celebrate with them on these important occasions. Peace love and brotherhood are worthy values no matter why we celebrate them. And in the end it does not matter what you believe; it is what you do that counts.

So if I'm gorging myself on chocolate and hunting eggs with the kids I'm sure Jesus would approve. After all I give a seniors discount and have free delivery.

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