Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do I look like a gravy train?

Business owners everywhere are used to people parading into their stores looking for donations for their particular cause. It's difficult because often the cause is very worthy, helping a family with a sick child or a benefit for someone who is ill. Last year we were solicited over 600 times for donations for causes as lame as new jackets for a hockey team or a junior high basketball trip. Any cause involving healthy youngsters should include a little work and not just begging for cash, but it's a modern world and not once have I been offered something in return for my donation. If I only gave a twenty dollar item 600 times that's about 12 grand worth of retail product a year. But a good store is a good community supporter and we often give. I have finally figured out how to decide which causes to support. I ask the person for a receipt for a purchase from any store in the downtown area in the past month. Because most of these idiots shop at the mall ( it is so hard to type that word as mall is a four letter word to a downtowner) and the mall does not allow soliciting so they venture downtown for their free bucks. They usually have a stunned look in response. Some of them, even after I explain my position, do not understand. I have a nice looking store and I guess it looks like I have money. Governments and utilities seem to think so as they charge more for business services. My business phone, exactly like my home phone costs five times more per month. Why? Because I must have money, I'm in business. How about the donation seekers go to some government offices and walk around the cubicles asking for free money. I'm sure this happens to some extent within an office but it is usually because the cause is associated with a person who works there, there is a connection. We are always willing to help the causes of our regulars. But shouldn't our governments be helping people in real need. Call me a socialist but shouldn't my taxes go to helping my fellow citizens, to ease their suffering. Until then I guess I'll keep giving a little because I make up for it by ranting at the lazy dolts who expect free money for their bowling team.

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