Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some one elses shoes

Just for something completely different and because I can I'm fixing up a Ford pick up. I need a truck and my mechanic has graciously allowed me to work at his place of business. I'm not one to slag mechanics as mine is honest and excellent and I have gained even more respect for him not just because he patiently answers my stupid questions but because his day is nothing but a constant barrage of stupid questions. I thought the gift industry held the papers on stupid questions but automobile users are even more uneducated about the nuts and bolts they use to haul their carcass from A to B than they are about tastes of their loved ones. And they expect an even better deal from a guy who actually works for a living slogging in the gunk that is your car than they do from me, picking my nails behind a counter. Oh well, we pay the people that fix our toilets a hell of a lot more than people who take care of our kids so why should we want to pay for our cars; after all, in so many ways our lives depend on them. ( I'm not saying plumbers should make less but childcare workers should get paid more) Any endeavour in which you take money and people really don't understand what's going on will bring out the worst in a few of us, over reacting to a lack of knowledge with bombastic ignorance. It's been interesting doing something so outside my regular routine and seeing it's not so far outside after all.

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