Saturday, May 16, 2009

Japanese Tourists

One night I caught out of the corner of my eye one of the local shoplifters running out the front door with a large framed print. I gave chase as he headed up the stairs in the alley beside the store. He was having difficulty running with the big frame and my violent threats as I gained ground caused him to toss the painting. It actually landed without damage, glass and all but I wasn't done. I called the worst expletives you can imagine after him as he disappeared out the other end of the alley. Satisfied I picked up the print and turned around. There was a group of Japanese tourists at the bottom of the alley who immediately began to chatter and take pictures. At least I haven't seen it on utube yet. I was speaking the universal language, understood around the world. My Mom would be very upset.


  1. Birdman,

    A sign for your store:

    Attention shoplifters
    Please be sure to carry identification
    We will need to contact your next of kin

    Birdman Too

  2. Hey i have been up those stairs how did they run so fast!!! Side note..your mom would have chased him too!!