Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Service is everything

What can you say to a customer that walks in the door and says they ordered an item two years ago and they never received it; you can't say wow, it took you two years to mention it, snooze you lose. Why is it that some jobs fall through the cracks. My service is excellent (contrary to the above) but once in a while an order just gets forgotten. The woman was very forgiving, as I was supposed to call when the item was done to receive payment, she was not out of pocket which can make even the mildest folks nasty. I never take deposits. I make what I want with a few suggestions and if the customer does not like it they do not have to buy it and we can still be friends. Often when people ask me if I take orders I respond by saying if I could take orders I'd probably be able to have a job. When people can take control they often do with a vengeance and make my life miserable with their petty demands, so I only take orders from the kind of people who show up two years later cheerful and ready to try again. After all, a little folk art is hardly worth getting the blood pumping. I am working on the customer's piece right now, red painted fingers typing this blog. I think I'll finish it this time.

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