Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hard Sell

Often when asking a customer if they have any questions they will reply with a terse no, they are just browsing. That's not what I meant I say, I mean any questions like why is the sky blue or do you think a nut like Mitt should ever be President: people refuse discourse with others so easily. Sure they are expecting the hard sell but their response always annoys me a little. Why are they upset that I will answer any questions. I am simply breaking the ice. I am willing to talk and often wonderful conversations result, the kind of conversations that make you feel connected with another person. Why are they shopping at all if they are so grumpy. I do enjoy the people who do not respond at all and I realize they have on the ear buds, listening to the ipod. I begin to insult them at increasing volume until I break through, much to the amusement of the other customers in the store. I understand the need to be alone or the need to rock out to my favorite music but isn't it completely rude to enter a situation with a social context and not be prepared to interact at all. I am a gregarious person and I understand we are not all the same but if someone smiles and says hello the human response is to reply in kind. I will continue to smile and say hello as long as I am rewarded with good conversation at least once in a while.

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