Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An honest days work

I have taken to physical labour lately trying to build a new house. It was getting dark tonight as We finished up for the day and I sat with my friend Ray on the tailgate of the Ford. The beer had been cooling in the creek all day and as I looked out at what we had accomplished I was happy. Working on a definable project with a solid end result is satisfying and despite the physical challenges it is easy, much easier than the uncertainty of retail. At the store and in my real life I have the grinding mental concerns that chase away sleep and create anxiety. Out here building the house it is a black and white world: I get done what I get done and one day soon it will be finished. When is business ever finished? I am still agonizing deals that went south five years ago and obsessing over business decisions that are long past relevant. My bones and body ache but the cold beer an a job well done have eased my mind. I am so relaxed. If I can carry this attitude to the store I will make killer sales. Damn the world is creeping back in. Time for another beer.

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