Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rebublic of Doyle

The success of the local TV production Republic of Doyle has effected the tourism trade in our lost corner of the world. Jake Doyle solves a murder or two a week and more crime every fifteen minutes than has even be heard of here in the last fifty years. It reminds me of other TV shows in which death and destruction follow the main characters so a story can be squeezed out of thin plots every week. Why would anyone hang out with these people. If Jessica Fletcher ( Murder She Wrote) stayed at an old country inn there is no doubt a body would be found face down in the garden with a protruding shovel: better an implausible story than none at all I suppose and you can't argue with success. I fully the support the money this production spends in town and brings to town. The more Jake Doyle runs around town without a shirt on the more people I see in my store. It helps that the local talent eats and drinks in the fine establishment across the street. I'm surprised they still let me in to have a pint. Not long ago a wonderful couple from Oregon said they came to town because they had hooked in to "Doyle" on Netflix. I reminded them that they lived just north of California and could perhaps star gaze a little closer to home. They said that was all the same but "Doyle" happened in this exotic place. I love it. We all want something fresh even if it means leaving paradise. The production sure makes us look good. And they seem to have the power to make the sun come out, but look carefully, when Jake has his shirt off it's plain to see, if you look closely, that he is freezing to death. But best of all I see my storefront many times a week on the tube as Jake races up and down Water Street. And every now and then you can catch a glimpse of my old Ford Pickup parked downtown. Why this makes me happy I can't explain. And why we are so driven by pop culture I will never understand but as long as the money rolls in I don't ask too many questions. Things just seem to be going our way.

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